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Building upon history...

Located on the site of the former Highland Park Grammar School, Montessori Elementary at Highland Park will be an anchor institution in one of Chattanooga’s most vibrant and diverse urban neighborhoods. Founded in 1889, Highland Park is an historic district that is experiencing explosive growth and redevelopment. Attention garnered through revitalization efforts have transformed Highland Park into an eclectic community defined by tree-lined residential streets, lush green spaces, outdoor recreational parks, local businesses, and outstanding schools.

Establishing the Montessori Elementary at Highland Park is important...

because the first five years of life are fundamentally the most formative. Healthy development during this critical time forges a foundation for educational achievement, economic productively, emotional and physical wellbeing, and responsible citizenship.

because transforming the lives of children in Chattanooga requires a comprehensive approach: a strategy that begins at 3 years old and continues through 5th grade.

because majority of students are not are academically prepared for the rigor of the 6th grade classroom. When new 6th graders students enter CGLA, 86% of them are three grade levels behind in reading and math. This multi-year deficiency not only creates significant academic challenges for both the faculty and students but also depletes the school’s social, emotional, and financial capital.

because research proves that an investment in a comprehensive quality learning program will reduce and, often, eliminate achievement gaps and is a cost-effective strategy that improves the quality of a life in a community. Montessori Elementary at Highland Park will be the gateway for transforming lives in Chattanooga.

Additional Facts


While CGLA is a single-gender environment, MEHP will operate as a co-educational school, designed to feed more than just CGLA.


The school will be located in the Highland Park neighborhood at the former site of Highland Park Grammar School.

Opening Date

Montessori Elementary at Highland Park opened its doors in the Fall of 2021.

Student Body

At its capacity, the school will serve no more than 350 students.

Grades Served

Not only will MEHP serve grades K-5, it will also offer a pre-school program beginning with preK-3.


Because it will be a public charter school, MEHP will be tuition-free.

Current Board Members

  • Chair: Sue Anne Wells, Ph.D.

  • Vice Chair: Susan Stein

  • Treasurer: Tammy Swensen

At Large Members: Joann Yates, Dawn Bullard, Keith King, Keith Sanford, Hal North, Shewanee Baptiste, Stacy Roddy

Governance Board Meeting Agendas

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